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Book one in the Tailspin Travelogues

"WE'RE ON OUR WAY USA" - One family's true journey from the UK to the USA

SKU: 0006
  • The journey begins…but common sense stays home!

    Ever wondered what it’s really like to pick up your entire life and move to another country? Maybe you should pause for a moment and read this funny yet poignant true story first.

    In his witty and insightful memoir, Andy chronicles his family’s move from rainy England to steamy Atlanta. He transports his wife, two kids, two dubious dogs and one very unhappy cat over 4,000 miles across the pond. Through laugh-out-loud anecdotes and hard-won wisdom, Andy shares the thrilling highs, frustrating lows, and daunting challenges of uprooting your entire life to start over in a strange land.

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