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About Andy C Wareing

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- Multi-Genre Author -

Andy C Wareing is a multi-genre author who sells his books both directly and through Amazon. He has now published several books in different genres, including travel memoirs, horror, and science fiction. 

You can buy a personalized, signed paperback copy on this website at a significant discount over Amazon.

- Publishing Information -

Andy C Wareing's books are available for purchase both in print and e-book format on Amazon. He also offers signed copies of his books on this website.

About my books

Andy is a writer of multiple genres — Adventure Travel Memoirs, Science Fiction and Horror

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All my books are available in ebook and paperback at your local Amazon store.

Just search for Andy C Wareing.


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All my books are available to read for free as part of your membership. 


Signed copies

Fancy a signed copy?

You can buy one, often for less than Amazon retail prices on this site.


"I will have to stop reading his books at bedtime because it makes me laugh too much!"

Sandra R Sayers - Amazon Review

"I thought this book was great. If you like the suspense of Poe and the epicness of Lovecraft, you must read this book! Believe me! It's a real gem of paranormal horror. Deliciously intense!"

Andy - Amazon Review

"A great fast-paced book. I read this with Kindle in one hand and Google Maps in the other following the author's journey"

Mark Hayhurst - Amazon Review

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