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The Matakite Paradox — an intriguing blend of Māori folklore and quantum physics

"THE MATAKITE PARADOX" - an intriguing blend of Māori folklore and Sci-Fi

SKU: 0012
  • One heroine, abandoned and alone. The future of humanity stands on a precipice. Only River’s brilliant mind holds the secret to its survival, but she has unknowingly concealed the answer, buried deep within a prophecy she refuses to embrace—and time is fast running out.

    In a world ravaged by antimicrobial resistant disease, a new power, the Rangatiratanga, the Absolute Sovereignty of New Zealand has risen to a violent and deadly prominence. A technological revolution, inspired by the brittle friction between ancient Māori folklore and quantum physics, has led to the creation of the Galaxy fleet. Three great Galaxy Cruisers have departed for three distant exomoons, but the expedition appears doomed to fail, the ships destroyed one by one by a mysterious peril.

    Can River finally become Matakite, in time to untangle the ancient mythology and mystery of her mind? Only by doing so can she reach across the unimaginable chasm of space and time to save what remains of the fleet and secure the survival of her species.

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