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A chilling, paranormal thriller inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s mysterious final days.

"THE HAUNTING OF EDGAR ALLAN POE" - A Paranormal thriller.

SKU: 0011
  • When Edgar Allan Poe is found, delirious and wearing a stranger’s clothes, Dr. Joseph Snodgrass rushes to his friend’s aid. But what begins as an act of kindness plunges Snodgrass into a sinister world of demons and darkness.

    Poe has vanished for five days. Now hunters are gathering—violent souls who believe Poe possesses something they crave. As they converge on Baltimore and New York City, Snodgrass is swept into a perilous pursuit. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance, and only Snodgrass can uncover the truth to save his friend and the world from a grim destiny.

    This inventive reimagining twists the details of Poe’s last hours into a terrifying supernatural tale. In the gaslit shadows of 19th-century America, evil forces are at work, and deception is around every corner. Will Snodgrass solve the mystery in time, or will darkness prevail? Discover the chilling secrets behind Poe’s final mystery in this imaginative horror-thriller.

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