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It is the 1980s. An era of no smartphones, no GPS, no Google Maps, and, at least for Andy, not a single ounce of common sense.

All three true-life motorcycle adventure stories are filled with daring-dos and honest humour. Told with a poignancy for the times and all accidentally informative, each true-life tale tells of travel in an era long gone, when we read paper maps like pirates on the high seas, and friends were made and lost along roads less traveled.


"THE FAST BIKE ADVENTURES" - All three books in the Petrol-head Travelogues

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    371 pages

    This omnibus brings together books one, two, and three in the bestselling Petrolhead Travelogue series including:

    "A Fast Bike to Byzantium"

    "A Fast Bike to North Cape"

    "A Fast Bike to Everywhere Else"

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