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Book two in the Tailspin Travelogues

"MISTAKES WERE MADE" - One Family's journey in search of a new life in Spain

SKU: 0007
  • 2020 turned out to be a year most of the world would spend in pajamas. And that’s what we should have done!!

    In this charming, witty, and occasionally wistful tale of a dream pursued, Andy provides an honest and earnest recount of his family’s journey from the United States to the Mediterranean idyll of Spain, all amidst the deadliest global pandemic since 1918.

    Jump in the hottest and most unreliable car on the planet with Andy, his wife Paula, their (occasionally) wayward son Adam and their two increasingly long-suffering pups Archie and Pi as they react to the changing whims of international governments, virus hotspots and quarantine zones in their very personal battle to reach their dream villa in the sun splashed paradise of Spain.

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