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Book three in the Petrolhead Travelogues.


"A FAST BIKE TO EVERYWHERE ELSE" - A true-life tale of 1980s motorcycle touring

SKU: 0003
  • Still patiently waiting for the invention of the mobile phone, GPS, Google maps and common sense, in book three of the series, Andy has a veritable Tour de Farce of the UK and Europe on four very different journeys taken on three very different motorcycles.

    Filled with madcap adventure and humor, this true-life story tells of travel in an era long gone, when we read paper maps like pirates on the high seas, and friends were made and lost along roads less traveled.

    For armchair adventurers who like their travels with a twist of disaster, Andy's misguided misadventures deliver the usual laughs on the highway to hell. It's a cautionary tale told by one of the most hapless wanderers.

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