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Saddle up to explore the obscure. An offbeat Biker's guide to America's quirky underbelly.


Everybody has been to New York, Vegas, and New Orleans. Only Andy will take you to see a stick in the desert, a giant hole in the ground, and the "Home of the Irrigators."


It has been nearly four decades since Andy rode a Fast Bike to Byzantium. Many bikes have come and gone, but now living in the United States of America, Andy has sadly become a stranger to the joys of motorcycling. Until, out of the blue, a serendipitous and possibly alcohol fuelled conversation provides him with both the motorcycle, the opportunity, and the desire to explore the vast, untamed landscapes of America.


Join Andy as he embarks on an audacious cross-country journey, rediscovering the intoxicating lure of the unknown. In this witty tale of two-wheeled misadventures, common sense once again takes the pillion seat as Andy's passion for riding overpowers all logic and reason.


Prepare for a fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled odyssey where the road has no rules and every stretch of blacktop promises uncharted adventure. Could this be Andy's last ride into the fading light?


A Fast Bike Through the Badlands is a hilarious true-life travelogue full of interesting characters, uncomfortable moments, terrible choices, and British humour that will appeal to lovers of Bill Bryson, Douglas Adams, and David Sedaris.


All the books in the Petrolhead Travelogue series can be read in any order.


Praise for “A Fast Bike Through the Badlands”

★★★★★ "Part philosophical rambling, part coming-of-middle-age cautionary tale, this is Hunter S Thompson meets Robert Pirsig via north of England candour, although with fewer drugs and probably less psychotic episodes than either of those two. And who could ask for anything more?"


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    299 pages


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